Looking to rent a property?

Northover & Williamson are dedicated to helping you find your ideal rental property. We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than the perfect home and it is no surprise that the majority of our tenants renew their lease.

With a wealth of experience in the property market, we'll ensure that we find the right home for you, whatever your property requirements. Northover & Williamson aim to make renting a property a smooth and easy process to avoid stresses that are generally involved in moving home.

Our tenancies are initially granted for a minimum term of 6 months on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

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Tenants Criteria


Retired (Proof of assets, pension, savings etc...)
Must be in employment for at least one full year
Must be over the age of 18
Proof of address


A tenant must meet the income requirement: Minimum annual income must be 32 x the monthly rent / share

Proof of income must be provided - current P60 employment contract or wage slips (last 3 motnhs)

The Guarantor Option

If you don't meet some of the requirements then we may consider another option of accepting a Guarantor, a fee will be applied to the guarantor for the application of this service.

If you find that you need a Guarantor, no matter what the circumstances, they must be earning or receiving in pensions (or a combination) 32 x the monthly rent.

Guarantors must be aware that they will be required to sign the tenancy; this tenancy agreed that they are responsible for the tenancy in the same way as the tenant; the rent, any dilapidations to the property and also and legal fees that are due from the tenant but not paid. Make sure your proposed guarantor understands this at the outset

Northover & Williamson will be first point of contact. If you have any maintenance issues please email: maintenance@northoverwilliamson.co.uk

Extending or Ending your Tenancy

Before your tenancy finished, we will ask if you wish to extend your tenancy. We will charge you a fee to extend the tenancy and we will advise you on the procedure to extend. If you decide to end your tenancy and once we have received your notice to end within nthe correct terms of the lease we will advise you on the procedure to end the tenancy.

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